social media marketing

Obviously the obvious and arguably best way to run a social media account is on a personal level. Interacting with your target audience. But do you have the time? We can build fully automated social media solutions. Or semi automated social media solutions, or even we can manually manage your social media accounts and campaigns.

For example we can automatically

How we can run your twitter social media campaigns.

Our fully managed software saves the time and expense of locating and following niche users so you can spend more time engaging with the twitter users that want to hear what you have to say and stay connected with them.

Our Clients include television and news networks, radio stations, PR firms, small business owners, charities, law firms, musicians, celebrities, bloggers, political campaigns (presidential, senators, mayors, sheriffs, and even judges), city chambers’ of commerce, banks, and numerous other businesses (small startups to fortune 500 companies).

Some of the features of our software.

  • Our Automated Tweet Scheduler allows you to create or import a tweet list to be tweeted over a period of time automatically. This allows you to do other things while our software continues to interact with your followers. You can even re-tweet others!
  • Automated follow and unfollow options to only follow valuable Twitter Users. Unfollow automatically those not following Back, Unfollow those who unfollow You, Unfollow foreign Language accounts, unfollow those following too many, Inactive accounts, Talkative (Tweets too much), Quiet (Rarely Tweets). We can follow based on geographical location, niche keywords. User preferences and more. To build a real base of real interested and relevant followers
  • Increase your sites’s traffic and visibility by automatically posting tweets with your link using your sites’s RSS link. The tweet will post every time you make a new blog post with a link on Twitter!
  • Our software allows you to import a list of direct messages and thank you messages. Direct Messages can be set to automatically send your message to all of your followers over a period of time, or check for new followers to send a Thank You Message.
  • Our software allows you us manage multiple Twitter profiles from one software installation. Whether you have multiple twitter profiles or you are Social Networking Promotions Manager, we have you covered.
  • Tweet search locates users to follow who tweeted a matching filter or keyword you have specified.  This is very helpful in locating people currently discussing or needing your information or niche at the current time.

How we can run your tumblr social media campaigns.


Tumblr – why it’s different and why you should use it.

Tumblr is huge, the estimates on how many users it has ranges from 120,000,000 to 300,000,000 users. You may use a site every day and not even know it has been built on the Tumblr network. You can tap into to get targeted traffic and send it to any site of your choice, Tumblr is in fact very different to other sites as it actually allows its users to promote and Monetize their Blogs.

The Domain and page design of your Tumblr blogs can be personalized. It interfaces with Facebook and Twitter, and it works with Google Analytics. It also tracks website traffic, and Feedburner which distributes content via an RSS feed.

Let’s not forget the fact that Tumblr is a Page rank 8 which has immense authority and I’m going to be showing you how to get Do-Follow backlinks  and actually increase the page rank of your own blogs.

The truth in the matter is that Tumblr is very flexible and growing stronger than ever. If you’re not already using it , then you really should be. We can build you multiple tumblr accounts and build followers and send the traffic generated to your site.