search engine optimised sites

We build fully search engine and social media optimized sites. These are just some of the features all our sites have, that you control yourself.

  • Our sites are mobile friendly. The next big important feature for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • 404 Monitor: Find out what missing pages search engines are finding. Monitor and even redirect pages using Google friendly redirects
  • Deep Link Juggernaut: You can automatically link a certain word or phrase in your post/page content to a web page or address you specify.
  • Meta descriptions and tags: can can write, change, control your own meta descriptions and tags for each page at any time.
  • Automatic site map generation: Any time you change, add or delete a page from your site, your site map is instantly changes and Google and other search engines are notified
  • Permalinks: Your site is optimized to not only link to each new page you make automatically but the site structure in search engine optimized.
  • No Follow: You can at a click of a button chose for Google and other search engines to not follow a link to another site (that could cost you google juice. When you link to another site, it can be taken by google to take some weight from your site and given to the site you are linking to)
  • No Index feature you may not want Google to index a page of your site, for example if you have something on that page you want to share with your surfer, but Google may penalize you for it. For example duplicate content. You have copied and pasted text or research from someone elses site. Google could penalize you for this, so you simply click the No Index button and Google will ignore this. Your surfer gets the relevant content. You dont get penalized. You can even attribute where the research or content came from and using the no follow feature above, letting your surfer know where the content came from, giving the author credit, but again not harming your Google juice.