Mobile build and design

We build you a multi platform web solution. As well as our sites being built for the desk top computer as all sites are. Our sites are optimized and fully adapt automatically to any platform. desktop, ipads and mobile phones.

Now your website will display beautifully and intuitively on all devices. Our sites trigger different layout sets at various screen sizes. No longer will you need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone. If you have been looking for a simple and

Why is having a mobile friendly site so important? Because the future of the internet is mobile. Mobile is the next big revolution on the internet. All our sites are full mobile ready.

  • Google May Penalize Non Mobile-Friendly Sites
  • Mobile devices have been a driving factor in an increase in time spent online. In fact, since 2010, the time the average individual spends online has doubled.
  • 91% of adults in the United States own a phone; 81% of those phones are smart phones.
  • In 2012, marketers spent $4.4 billion on mobile advertising in the United States alone. By 2013, that number doubled to $8.5 million. By 2017, the figure is expected to fall around $31.1 billion. Search and PPC advertising accounts for nearly half of this budget.
  • 25% of adults in the United States only use a mobile device to access the Internet. PCs have become tools of the past.
  • Organic search results matter now more than ever before. In fact, one-third of all search clicks go to the top organic result; this means that the mobile icons Google is testing could play a larger role than you’d imagine going forward
  • mobile web growing 8x faster than desktop web did in the 1990s
  • “Mobile is ramping up faster than any other technology we have seen in the past” Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins
  • 3x more smartphones activated every minute than there are babies being born
  • 2/5 people check their phones before getting out of bed
  • 7 in 10 People in the UK Now Own a Smartphone
  • 49.6% of restaurant queries are mobile
  • 45.4% finance and insurance queries are mobile
  • 79% of large online advertisers do not have a mobile optimized site
  • 40% of customers surveyed said they’d visit a competitor’s site after a bad experience on a mobile
  • research has shown that web retailers could increase consumer engagement by 85% with a mobile optimized site11% of mobile users have actually screamed at their phones over frustration at buying on mobile

Put simply, mobile device usage has been steadily increasing since the beginning of the decade. With enhanced smart devices, online usage among owners of these devices has also changed. To reach your target demographic while standing out in search results, you must optimize your site today.